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  • 30-07-2001 - Initial version.

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A population simulation in Stackless

My day job is about creating a platform for mobile, intelligent agents - I work for Tryllian, the undisputed leader in that field. Tryllian's platform of choice for large-scale agent applications is Java. But I'm a Python fan, and when I heard of Stackless Python, with its potentional for running tens of thousands of concurrent threads I started to get very interested.

I investigated, and in the course of that investigation I wrote an article for InformIT, and a population simulation that can handle a serious number of 'agents' on my relatively puny laptop.

I'm making the complete source available under the GPL - it's really a fun program to hack. You can run it with or without a PyQt gui. If you use the GUI, you'll find that that's the bottle-neck, not the number of concurrent threads...

I will link to the InformIT article as soon as it gets an URL - and I won't really document the code elsewhere.

world.tgz - a gzipped tarball - a zipfile