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  • 08-01-2001 - Updated Qt Character browser
  • 05-05-2000 - Creation

© 1999 Boudewijn Rempt

Python and Qt2


I've ported kpybrowser to Qt 2.x - it looks much the same, of course, but the code is quite different, especially the application quit code, the toolbar, statusbar en menubar handling.

  • qpybrowser.tgz
  • I've tested this application with Python 1.6 alfa - there were no serious problems apart from a floating point exception after exiting the application....


    One of the semi-interesting features of Qt2 is its themability. Of course, in the interests of wasted time, I've tried to translate the themes example. Phil has expanded it to include the all-important Norwegian Blue theme - it moves!

  • Unicode character table viewer

    A small program cobbled together for a tutorial in Sunworld Online. It shows every Unicode character block in a table, if you've got the right font.

    This is now updated to the latest version of PyQt. I've also added a Pinyin Chinese input method, a small editor window and the ability to load and save utf8 files.

  • qchm.tgz