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  • 27-03-2000 - Creation

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News on Python, Qt and KDE

April 11th 2002 -- Source code

I've ported and packaged the source code for all the examples in the book GUI Programming with Python using the Qt Toolkit has been ported to the latest version of PyQt and Qt.

February 2002

My book published! My book is published! After nine months of really intesive typing, GUI Programming with Python Using the Qt Toolkit is available. Published by Opendocs, you can buy a copy from the publishers, or from Amazon, or your local bookstore (they might have to order it, though: the isbn is 0-97003300-4-4).

You can also read it online, at linuxports.

April 2001

Er, I should keep this up to date, shouldn't I... Well, everybody should know by now that PyQt has moved to, and that PyQt is at version 2.4, that PyKDE is quite moribund, because Phil doesn't have time to work on it, what with BlackAdder, the PyQt Python IDE. What might be news is that I'm writing a book on PyQt and BlackAdder for OpenDocs. I hope to have finished the basic text by the end of May, but that might be too optimistic a schedule.

July 2000

Troll Tech has graciously donated a developers license of Qt Professional to Phil Thompson, while another generous person has donated a hard disk and Windows development tools.

O'Reilly Network has published a series of articles on Qt. One of them targets PyQt especially.

June 2000

Phil has moved development of PyQt and PyKDE to the Kompany. A CVS tree will be hosted there, too.

May 2000

  • Phil has released the 0.12 version PyQt/PyKDE, offering support of KProcess, KShellProcess and a lot more.
  • Cameron Laird and I have prepared two articles relevant to PyQt. On on Phil Thompson and his work, which has been published Friday 19th, and an introductory tutorial to PyQt and Qt 2.1, which appears Friday 26th, both in Sun World Online.
  • April 2000

  • 16-04-2000: Martin Holland has released a new PyKDE app, kftpupdater, and an installer/uninstaller for PyKDE applications. Go to: to grab it.
  • March 2000

  • 30-03-2000: Updated this website ;-)
  • PyQt 0.11 is released: this version is compatible with both Qt 1.x and Qt 2.x. The accompanying PyKDE set is compatible with KDE 1.x.
  • February

    There has been talk of moving the bindings code to SourceForge. It'll take some setting up, but means that people can help with the bindings for KDE, leaving Phil to concentrate on SIP.

    January 2000

    The handling of those Qt and KDE classed that return a QString in C++ have been altered, from version 0.10. Originally, they returned a Python string, but now the return a QString object, just like in C++. A good measure, as it means we'll be getting access to the QString Unicode functionality, but in the meantime, please apply a str() or a repr() to every place where a Python or a KDE widget returns a QString. Refer to your friendly Qt documentation for more information... I'll be updating the tutorial as soon as I get time...

    October 1999

    There is now a mailing list for PyKDE and PyQt! Go to and join! See also the resources page.