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KPyBrowser screenshot


  • 27-03-2000 - Redesign
  • 03-02-2000 - Creation

© 1999 Boudewijn Rempt


Kpybrowser is a path- and classbrowser for Python code. It is based upon the path- and classbrowser that's included in Idle, the Python IDE that comes with the Python distribution.

Contrary to Idle, Kpybrowser is a standalone application. It takes command-line arguments to add new paths to the browser, you can add and remove paths runtime or reload a path. The selected paths are retained when kpybrowser is closed.

You can use kpybrowser to open a python file with an editor at a certain function. If you don't like nedit, you'll have to edit the file.

Future enhancements

The next version will include showing docstrings and function parameters in the browser, starting up scripts and setting the default editor in a configuration dialog.

Qt 2.x port

I've ported kpybrowser to Qt 2.x - it looks much the same, of course, but the code is quite different, especially the application quit code.




Known issues

While not absolutely showstoppers, the following points deserve attention, and possible a bugfix...

  • Kpybrowser segfaults upon exit.
  • Sometimes, when reading a module, kpybrowser hangs. Ok, this is a showstopper, but you can allways kill it, and start again - you won't lose data...