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Nota Bene

I'm quite prepared to discuss all these snippets, and put the discussion in the packages themselves. But I don't support this stuff. It's entirely likely that they will become out of date as PyQt/PyKDE makes progress.

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  • 30-03-2000 - Creation

© 1999 Boudewijn Rempt

PyKDE and PyQt example programs

During 1999, I've written several small programs, to test one or another feature of PyKDE and PyQt. Sometimes, I've even written a bit of documentation about these snippets. Some of them are very, very small - just to try a QListView, or a dialog box. Anyway, the more source available, the merrier, so here they are.

Draai maar om

A Python version of the turn-the-tiles game from the Dutch educational CD-ROM 'Maan Roos Vis'. Please note that this includes a set of pictures: the archive is fairly large - about 3 megs.


The abortive attempt at a web editor (I talked about it in lesson 3 of the tutorial). I suddenly noticed that webmaker already existed, and besides, I prefer kfm and Nedit to a dedicated application. This hasn't worked since PyKDE 0.7, so it's a nice exercise in porting ;-).


Actually, this is work in progress - but before I progress further I have to suss 4DOM out first, since 4DOM replaces PyDom. This will get its own page before long.

Application templates

The KDevelop application framework translated to Python, an earlier attempt at an application template, and an attempt at a model-view-controller template, with some thoughts on the issue.


Fighting with KConfig and layout management. Includes a bit of documentation.

Qt table and Qt dirview

These are my own versions of the example scripts included in the PyQt distribution. I prefer using Python modules whenever there's duplication of functionality between Python and Qt/KDE.

Diverse test scripts

These are diverse test scripts, with a bit of commentary describing what they test.