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Timeline of the Judge Dee Novels

Steffan O'Sullivan has posted the following timeline on rec.games.frp.misc:

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Thinking about what would apply to an RPG from the Judge Dee books,
I've decided to list some:

The haunting image of Chiao Tai and Ma Joong wandering through the
deserted capital during the plague, trying to find someone they
can ask directions of . . . [_The Willow Pattern_]

The whole book _Necklace and Calabash_ is very much an adventure
story.  Master Gourd makes an awesome NPC!

The Judge barely crossing the temporary bridge in the flood only
to find himself trapped on an island with a large band of brigands
. . .  [_Night of the Tiger_]

Ma Joong and Chiao Tai penetrating the rebel base in the swamp on
a rescue mission: two against 400 . . . [_Chinese Lake Murders_]

The Buddhist chapel puzzle in the same book . . .

The Taoist chamber of horrors in the _Haunted Monastary_.

Dealing with the situation they find when they come to the border
town in _Chinese Maze Murders_.

The bad guy's plot-within-plots in _Murder in Canton_.

And many more I can't think of at the moment!  Great series!  If
you want to read them in order (you should), they are:

Year (A.D.)     Title
663             The Chinese Gold Murders (1959)
  "                "Five Auspicious Clouds" (JDAW)
  "                "The Red Tape Murder" (JDAW)
  "                "He Came With the Rain" (JDAW)
  "             The Lacquer Screen (1962)
666             The Chinese Lake Murders (1960)
  "                "The Morning of the Monkey" (MT)
667             The Haunted Monastery (1961)
  "                "The Murder on the Lotus Pond" (JDAW)
668             The Chinese Bell Murders (1958)
  "             Necklace and Calabash (1967)
669                "The Two Beggars" (JDAW)
  "                "The Wrong Sword" (JDAW)
  "             The Red Pavilion (1964)
  "             Poets and Murder (1968)
  "             The Emperor's Pearl (1963)
670             The Chinese Maze Murders (1952)
  "             The Phantom of the Temple (1966)
672                "The Coffins of the Emperor" (JDAW)
674                "Murder on New Year's Eve" (JDAW)
676             The Chinese Nail Murders (1961)
  "                "The Night of the Tiger" (MT)
677             The Willow Pattern (1965)
681             Murder in Canton (1966)

(JDAW = Judge Dee at Work, a collection of short stories; 
 MT = Monkey and the Tiger, two novellas)

You can find them in mystery sections of new and used bookstores
under either van Gulik or Gulik, depending on the store.  Sometimes
both in the same store.  :-)

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I've based several adventures in other settings on the Judge Dee novels. I hope to find the time to make those presentable for the Web, too. These were:


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