Where did my favourite page go?

In restyling these pages I've been moving things to more sensible locations, such as everything about places in Valdyas to a 'places' directory.

Also, some material isn't in the easy-to-reach path any more, for instance because it's dropped out of my immediate sphere of interest. Most of it is still around; I'm trying to redirect everything, but there may be things I'm not aware of.

Here's the sitemap with links to just about everything.

The old Found Objects blog is gone -- it was attracting unwelcome attention from port scrapers -- but I occasionally repost something from it on my current blog, which is here. If you remember something that you would like to read again, please tell me (see below).

If something really seems to have disappeared, please send me a message, ideally with the old URL, and I'll try to find it for you or at least tell you where to find something similar. Note: the vanity page and the photo album are gone and unlikely to return, and I'm not keeping collections of links any more because search technology is much better than when I first started a web site.

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