At the risk of sounding like a broken record: I was developing Valdyas for its own sake, not even with the intention of writing fiction, years before I played, let alone ran, my first role-playing game. I can't say that too often or too emphatically, because I've had some nasty altercations with people who apparently knew better than I did and told me off, or even tried to blacken my name in public, when I "insisted" that Valdyas was not a game world.

Nevertheless we've been running games in it and in other parts of the same world.

Current campaign

Everything since 2007 is on my dedicated blog, Valdyis galsin. The main campaign is now set in Valdis, the one-on-one side campaign in Turenay:


Journey to Iss-Peran

Boudewijn ran this campaign to save me from GM burnout. It was very enlightening to explore such a different culture.

Here's a list of characters in these campaigns. Everybody who is named and appears in person will be on the list when it's finished (about 2/3 done as of writing this).

Early games

Solay 1999

Another campaign of Boudewijn's. We did run games between 1999 and 2007, and we do have writeups, but not in an accessible format. Note: these are in Dutch.

Essle 1997

I ran this game at the Gathering in Mannville, Alberta, Canada. At the time, having all the PCs in the Guild of Anshen was scarily experimental.

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