Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Class III short stem long stem -ain
rain, tain all others
nominative mudh asel rain idain
genitive/ablative mudhei aslei, aselei rainei idanei, idainei
dative/illative mudhen aslen, aselen rainen idanen, idainen
accusative mudha, mudhea aslea, aselea raina, rainea idanea
locative/instrumental mudhie aslie, aselie rainie idanie, idainie
vocative mudhe asle, asele rain, raine idane, idaine
nominative mudhi asli, aseli raini idaini
genitive/ablative mudheni asleni raineni idaneni, idaineni
dative/illative mudhene aslene rainene idanene, idainene
accusative mudhena aslena rainena idanena
locative/instrumental mudhene aslene rainene idanene, idainene
vocative mudhie aslie raini, rainie idanie, idainie

Where -ai- alternates with -a-, the -ai- is usually only a writing convention to indicate that the -a- is stressed; it is pronounced /a/ (even if written -ai-), except in a few dialects. In tain "deity" and rain "hand", however, the -ai- remains and is always pronounced.

  stems in semivowel
-y -u
nominative moy lau
genitive/ablative moyi laui
dative/illative moyen lauen
accusative moya laua
locative/instrumental moye laue
vocative moye laue
nominative moyi laui
genitive/ablative moyeni laueni
dative/illative moyene lauene
accusative moyena lauena
locative/instrumental moyene lauene
vocative moyi, moye laui