Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.

This class consists of words of one syllable ending in -en and -in, as well as laz and craz. In the plural, the words in -en and -in have only forms of Class III except for the nominative and the vocative; laz and craz only of Class III.

The forms in parentheses do exist, but are very rare. Where both Class II and Class III forms exist there's a slight preference for those of Class II, increasing towards the south.

Class II-III -en and -in endings laz, craz
-en -in  
nominative men rhin craz
genitive/ablative mein menei rhein rhinei creiz crazei
dative/illative (men) menen (rhen) rhinen - crazen
accusative mean menea rhean rhinea creaz (crazea)
locative/instrumental mien menie rhien rhinie criez crazie
vocative (men) mene (rhin) rhine craz crazie
nominative (min) meni (rhin) rhini (criz) crazi
genitive/ablative menin - rhenin - - crazeni
dative/illative menen - rhenen - - crazene
accusative menan - rhenan - - crazena
locative/instrumental menen - rhenen - - crazene
vocative (mien) menie (rhien) rhinie (criez) crazie