Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Class I consonant stems palatal stems
-a -e -ea -ie
nominative hinla arle hanea razie
genitive/ablative hinlei arlei hanei raziei
dative/illative hinlen arlen hanen razien
accusative hinlea arlea hanea razia
locative/instrumental hinlie arlie hanie razie
vocative hinle arle (hane, hanea) razie
nominative hinli arli abstract nouns
without a plural
genitive/ablative hinleni arleni razii
dative/illative hinlene arlene raziene
accusative hinlena arlena raziena
locative/instrumental hinlene arlene raziene
vocative hinli, hinlie arli, arlie razii
  stems in -i stems in semivowel irregular
  -i -iei -ay/-ya lesne/lesna
nominative Vauri Riei Veray lesne, lesna
genitive/ablative Vaurei, Vauriei Riei Veryi lesnei
dative/illative Vaurien Riien Veryen lesen, lesnen
accusative Vauria Riia Verya lesnea
locative/instrumental Vaurie Riie Verye lesnie
vocative Vauri, Vaurie Riie Verye lesne
nominative only personal names;
plural, if needed, like razie
mostly place-names;
plural, if needed, like hinla,
stem in -y
genitive/ablative leseni
dative/illative lesene
accusative lesena
locative/instrumental lesene
vocative lesni, lesnie