Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Esh Mailei Hallei rainei lhayi gylsinin From the Book of Mailei Halla's Left Hand
Tate somoch in tay razie, lesten neasut. Vestie telhen farat; chanie jom nyth. Cyne haven farat; chanie jom crys. Cyne veren farat; jom bryni hin dorythe, tate somoch so ali hina naverat. Farie hanren neasa le radat, ibarie, bornie, irelsien so rhinie. When my great-great-grandfather was a young man, he travelled out into the world. First he went west; there was only sand there. Then he went north; there was only snow there. Then he went east; there the mountains were too high and great-great-grandfather couldn't climb them. At last he decided to travel south, on foot, on horseback, by cart and by boat.
Hanrie dolea chalat moya rythe arlene sajom lea arlat. Jom rhini moy chazat. Tate somoch - Riei Athlea lea furat - rhinan rumesa rastynat. "Rhinan rythan," burat, "i a lea perat rhina tiez?" "Naperat!" rhinan rythan laynynat. Athal raz itay rhinen le denat naperie. Nalea lei na chalat. In the south he saw the largest city in all the world. A large fleet was in. It occurred to great-great-grandfather - his name was Athal, Riei's son - to find work as a sailor. "Captain," he asked, "may I sail with you?" "You may not!" the captain said. So Athal went aboard without permission. Nobody saw him.
Tayadien can tavarzies farayt. Athal rhinei le nadenat nachalie. Jom brachea domoya chalynat! Sernenas Athal nusynat. Brach beret lea chylat. Ni Athal navaran, brach bersein le nadenit do lhenat. Cyne bersin filat. Bersien ostin moch. Athal nacronys ostean cronesa veret rastat, le no lea namudhet do nagrayat. Cys brach cutay nusit nagrayat. Ostean na cronat, lidoy do le nachalynat. Brach tay nusat, Athlea na chalat. Adien can lea berynat ostenan. Athal le tisa le radat, tabracheni so trayat; tabrach lhaye. Presently they arrived at a little island. Athal left the ship unseen. There he suddenly saw an enormous dragon! Horrified, Athal stepped back. It looked like the dragon was sitting on eggs. Athal was no coward, but he waited until the dragon left the nest. Then he counted the eggs. There were four eggs in the nest. Hungry as he was Athal thought he might eat an egg, but he didn't know if that would make him ill. Also he didn't know when the dragon would come back. He didn't eat the egg, but hid under it. When the dragon came back it didn't see Athal. After some time the eggs hatched. Athal decided to serve his own ends and made friends with the little dragons, pretending he was a young dragon himself.
Bracheni relyinen besh can chazenat Athal asten silat. Itay tabrachi salni. Zachan host, zalea nyth, zabesh myst, zamoch asel. Hostea chalynat; naryst dorythe. Cyne nythea chalynat; narast dorythe. Cyne mystea chalynat; navar dorythe. Farie aselea chalynat. Lean nali namudh, ni nadolys, ni fal na lea chylat. Nerien lea borna veret. Polie hinat. Brach leaz haven lhonat crazlie avyste. When he had been with the dragons for three years, he wanted to go home. The dragons were now grown up. The first one was white, the second yellow, the third red-brown and the fourth grey. He took a look at the white one: it was too weak. Then he took a look at the yellow one: it was too stupid. Then he took a look at the red-brown one: it was too cowardly. Finally he took a look at the grey one; there seemed to be nothing unhealthy or bad or dangerous about it. He would be able to ride it easily. He mounted it. The dragon flew north with him as fast as a crow.
Talie alea lei chalat brachea serynat, Athal do arlie nusenat dolaynat. Brach talei ilsinen gulat. Athal polei nadenat. Estien brach asel polat. Vyste lesten nachylenat. In the village everyone who saw him was frightened by the dragon, but Athal shouted that he had really come back. The dragon alighted in the centre of the village. Athal dismounted. The grey dragon took off. Soon it had disappeared into the sky.
Amrei morsien tate somoch in brachei airenan lea furut, arne fel laynynat tray airein dodolys. For the rest of his life my great-great-grandfather was called "dragonlord", though he used to say himself that friendship is better than power.
Jat raz toryin tatei somoch in; varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay. These, then, are the adventures of my great-great-grandfather. If you think I'm only telling tales, then you find out if it's true!