Soon you will be called upon to declare your allegiance. You should know enough by now to make a deliberate and conscious choice, only by your own will. Once you have chosen, you will be either one of us or one of them. I am taking the liberty to assume that you will be one of us, because I flatter myself that I would have known if it was otherwise.

You should know this about the enemy: Our real enemy is the Nameless One himself, he who was Archan at the beginning of the world before he became proud, and tried to usurp a place that was not rightfully his, and Anshen cast him out of the place beyond the stars, the abode of the gods, and took away everything that was his, even his name. All our enemies in the world have been corrupted by him and are not evil in themselves. Some have been tempted by promises of glory or power or riches, some have been caught and held until it was too late to escape, some have been warped by false pretenses, some are only mistaken. Some of theirs are so upright that I am honoured to have them as enemies, as some of ours are so unjust that I am ashamed to have them as allies.

There are times that we should let the enemy be, that we should spare our strength for worse times to come. There are times that we should watch and wait, that we should exercise and prepare, and that we should parley instead of fighting. But the fight is what you have been trained for, even if it is not the fight with weapons or with raw force, even if it is the battle of will against corruption. Having come this far, you will not easily fall prey to the temptation to use your power only for yourself, at the expense of others. This is the way of our enemies, at least of those who are warped rather than mistaken, who either know who is their true master or think that they are their own masters.

You will fight, then. Oh, yes, you will fight them, they will attack you and kill you if they can, and you will defend yourself and kill them if you have to. But not on sight, and not indiscriminately. Our duty is to be watchful and prevent harm, not to cause harm by rash actions. As long as people go about their own business peacefully, they have the right to do so regardless of their allegiance. If our enemies are mistaken, let them be mistaken in peace. Only when they harm us or ours or anybody who is innocent, we gain the right to attack them.