Fantasy, set in Valdyas. 105000 words.

She was being watched. No, the house was being watched. The enemy were obviously curious what so many people of the Guild of Archan were doing in one place. We're celebrating a wedding, she thought at them defiantly. My wedding. Our lot get married just like yours do. She threw stronger protection around the house, on top of the cursory wards that she routinely put on any place that was hers. See it, don't you? I don't care.

Senthi is the cleverest novice at her temple, with the strongest psychic gift. But at twelve years old she doesn't feel ready to be groomed for the position of High Priestess as her teachers seem to want. When she uses her gift to accidentally kill a friend, she runs away from the temple, never to return. Homeless and friendless in the dangerous port city of Essle, Senthi is spotted by the powerful guildmistress Venla. Venla offers her a safe place to belong. Proper training for her gift. Education in trade and combat, with the chance to amass wealth and power of her own. All in the service of the dark god Archan, whose name most people do not dare to use. Senthi is soon too busy to question how her service to Archan is changing her. When her deeds catch up with her, how will she break free of his power? Can she ever become the person she is supposed to be?

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