Translation relays

In the spring of 1999, the Constructed Languages mailing list played "telephone": a short poem was passed from one member to another, each one translating it into his or her own constructed language. This was the First Conlang Translation Relay, the Starlings' Song. I ran that one, and unknowingly set a standard for relays to come.

For come they did. Sally Caves ran the Wisdom of Bast relay in late 1999. Nicole Perrin ran The Bliss of a Fairy in the summer of 2000. Shreyas Sampat ran two relays side by side in the summer of 2001.

And then it came full circle to me, and I ran the Fifth Conlang Translation Relay on the brink of 2002.

It's fun. It's also hard work. I said "Next time, someone else can do it..." and behold, it was done: Nik Taylor ran the Sixth Conlang Translation Relay in the summer of 2002, in two wildly diverging branches.

A seventh relay is underway at the moment.

Other people than this select group have done it, in fact: here is the Swedish artist Andreas Gedin, announcing a translation relay he started in 1996. Last time I looked (8th April) nothing had come of it, though.

Last updated: 06-Sep-2002