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Nik Taylor

Uapatisaga uasubannadu

Fagliltu kan ualaazadi uavaadi ualaazafdi uavaafdi uakilappal uafpatinipai
Pafkuilivukatin uasiaatalan uakilappali uafpatinipai, fanatunna fil, fasanabamintu fil.
Faklaivukatil uafpatinipaiv plunila uatladailaf pikiplafuz, futlilki, favazialki
Aa! Fasiauniasiasalki uasubanna! Aa! Uaziikulaziikula! Aa! Uatukantukan faklailtu suntulidi!
Supiasiniki, pasapataaniki duplili

The Story of the Void

The Great Power began to create the seas long ago
The Great Power made the seas flow freely, they were not obstructed, they did not freeze
The Temptation of Evil caused a great noise to exist in the seas, it stormed and it raged.
Ah! How dead the Void! Ah! What beauty! Ah! What a secret is coming to life around us!
We know, we are certain, only of this.

ua-pati-saga ua-subanna-du

fa-gli-l-tu kan ua-laaza-di ua-vaa-di ua-laaza-af-di 
   ua-vaa-af-di ua-ki-lappa-al uaf-patinipa-i

pa-fa-kuili-vukati-na ua-siaatala-nan ua-ki-lappa-li 
   uaf-patinipa-i fa-natun(-l or -na) fil, 
   fa-sa-nabami-na-tu fil

fa-klai-vukati-l uaf-patinipa-i-av pi-lunila ua-tladaila-af
   pi-ki-plafu-z fa-utli-l-ki fa-vazia-l-ki

aa  fa-sa-iauna-iasa-[red]-l-ki ua-subanna  aa 
   ua-ziikula-[red]  aa  ua-tukan-[red] fa-klai-l-tu 

su-piasi-ni-ki pa-sapataa-ni-ki du-pi-li-li


reduplication with adjectives, indicates "excessive", "to a large degree", or can be equivalent to "how ...", with nouns, is equivalent to "what a ..."
-af genitive
-al ergative
-av locative
-di circumlocative case, "near"
-du ellative case, "out of", also used for composition of an object or topic of a story
du- only, merely, just
fa- past tense
fil not
gli create, make
-i plural
-iasa adjective
iauna death
kan preposition, "before", uses circumlocative case
ki- augmentative
-ki nonpunctual aspect; indicates ongoing action or state
klai live, exist
kuili believe or flow
-l 3rd person singular non-sentient absolutive
laaza day; ualaaza uavaa, yesterday (literally "that day")
lappa power, strength
-li instrumental
li this
lunila temptation
-na 3rd person plural non-sentient absolutive
-nan commititative; with abstract nouns, used to make adverbs
nabami hard
natun obstruct
-ni we, absolutive
pa- dative-object, a voice that turns dative into absolutive, and the previous absolutive into instrumental
pati- collective
patinipa sea, lake, ocean, pond, etc.
patisaga story
pi- gender 7 singular prefix
piasi know
plafu noise
sa- verbalizer, makes adjectives into verbs ("be x"); with inceptive aspect "become x"
saga word
sapataa be sure of (experiencer is in dative)
siaatala freedom
subanna emptiness, the Void, the Cosmos, space, vacuum; carries connotations of loneliness, isolation, sorrow, separation; the place where Goddess roams, on her trips between her creations; the primal state, what existed before Goddess began to create; where the unrighteous are cast
suntuli we (free pronoun)
tladaila evil
-tu inceptive aspect, "begin to"
tukan secret
ua- gender 6 singular prefix
uaf- gender 6 plural prefix
utli (verb) storm
vazia (verb) rage
vukati put; as auxiliary, cause to
ziikula beauty

Notes on the morphemic breakdown

Morphophonemics are simplified. Parentheses are for ambiguities, i.e. fa-natun(-l or -na) means that fanatunna can be either fa-natun-l or fa-natun-na.

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