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Sally Caves

Plebuan rin Goale

Rinil plebuan aril ymmepo, lis esdiril seppelnarn-jo aryil takrem rev ad cellindra neldwa lis.
Send arhssyna poto.
Maev il celindrarem aib, "goale" celil takrem aid carkarem nelai lis - Goale bomrev uoptoeto! - ta bomma ai to dorfanilisp il mimmemwa.
Send pomil goale androfai tewimmarot aid carkarem nelai tyr lis, send umnohsan pomai.
Yryi, il nemral ilid goale omry uinse pre.

Words about Wildness

According to the words at the beginning, seas and rivers were introduced into the world.
And everything was glittering like silver!
But in this introduction, "wildness" got trapped in the earth (wildness with its welling up!) such that it made the waters fearsome.
And along with the wildness, "dangerous beauty" was also trapped, and grandeur with it.
As for me, I alone know the nature of wildness.

Background and grammar


ai pron. it
aib adv. here (when used with the article, it means "this")
aid poss. pron. its
ad poss. pron. their
androfai n. beauty
ar static prep. at, upon (see Static and motive prepositions)
arhssyna adj. glittery, silvery, shiny, argent
aril (ar + il)
ary motive prep. to, towards (see Static and motive prepositions)
aryil (ary + il)
bom prep. with - modified from pom; used with the verb/noun to express the progressive. See bomrev. (see Passive and progressive gerundials)
bomma absolute form of verb/noun bommarem
bommarem bom + marem
bomrev pom + rev. Used as aureate version of bom + verb/noun to express progressive.
carkarem verb/noun trap, incarcerate, imprison; trapping, incarceration, imprisonment
cel stat. prep. in
celil (cel + il)
celindrarem verb/noun lead in, bring in, introduce, conduct. Made from cel "in" + lindrarem "lead, bear, bring, carry". Leading, bearing, etc.
dorfanilisp n. fearsome thing, thing to be in awe of
esdiril n. sea, ocean (a Nenddeylyt word). (see Nenddeylyt words, Word order)
ev prep. by, by means of, with
goale goa "wild" + le, stative or qualitative suffix. Basically, -ness.
il object and oblique case of article "the"
-jo and (in postposition)
le agentive subject case of article "the"
-le stative or qualitative suffix that nominalizes adjectives. Like English "-ness".
li experiencer subject case of article "the"
lindrarem verb/noun lead, bear, bring, carry
lis exp. art. "the" + detached plural prefix of following noun (see Law of Detachability)
lis from lisned non-volitional transitive verb/noun: acquire, get, obtain (see Passives and progressive gerundials)
ma conj but
maev compound ma + ev
marem volitional verb/noun make (something something else), turn (something) into; making into, turning into. It usually suffixes an adjective, but it can stand alone.
memwa n. water
mimmemwa plural prefix + water
nel- preterite prefix with non-volitional marking.
nelai (nel + ai)
neldwa (nel + twav) they
nohhsan adj. wonderful, powerful, terrific, great, good
om- habitual prefix, attaches to pronouns, indicates habit, consuetudinality
omry om + ry
pelnarn n. river. See seppelnarn.
plebua n. word
plebuan n. words
pom conj. with
pomai (pom + ai)
pomil (pom + il)
poto n. all. See Zero copula.
pre from prerem, volitional intransitive verb: know
rev detached verb/noun suffix. See celindrarem (see Law of Detachability)
rin prep. with regard to, according to, concerning
rinil (rin + il)
ry alternate form of y, first-person singular nominative pronoun: I
send conj. and
seppelnarn n. plural suffix + Nenddeylyt word pelnarn
ta adv. introduces result clauses: so that, such, such that, with the result that, for
ta adv. for, as; used with marem to introduce a retained or secondary object, as in "I made him a man": Der ta zef elry ma "Him for a man I made".
takrem n. land, earth
tewimmarot adj. dangerous, hazardous
tyr adv. also, too
uinse adv. alone, only
um- stative or qualitative prefix that nominalizes adjectives, like le-
umnohsan um + nohhsan
uoptoeto n. up-welling, up-swallowing, surging up, destructive wave ("swallow" and "wave" are expressed by the same word, toeto)
ymmepo n. beginning, commencement, genesis
yryi emphatic pron. me, I, as for me

explanation ("detatched verb/noun suffix. See _cellindrarem_"), I put two "l"s in _celindrarem_ when there should be just one.

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