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Doug Ball

Esin-tari sivera

Visor ki era esin-tari, e tik xan a tirisa jiket i oto ni hahak-oto ir e-ta tik suare is.
Visor e-ta resa ter, e qein sivera ir e-sa ranxa, kæt e-sa xenta vivisa sehes ja hahak-oto.
Æ ik antan i siserra ni antan i sisehes va sivera.
Tha ter kanar, u-ha sik aset sivera.

Chaos' History

In order for history to begin, the universe had to make all of the water and waterways, and also had to release light.
Because of this, chaos arrived, and it cried out, resulting in it making the waterways become dangerous places.
There exists a lot of beauty with a lot of danger in chaos.
Through this alone, I can understand chaos.

esin-tari   sivera
story-time  chaos:INAPOSS

visor ki  era   esin-tari 
cause IRR begin story-time 
e    tik    xan   a  tirisa   jiket i   oto 
PERF make ERG universe all   GEN water
ni hahak-oto      ir    e-ta     tik     suare    is
and PL-path-water and   PERF-3SG  release  light

visor e-ta     resa    ter
cause PERF-3SG do:PERF this

e    qein   sivera ir  e-sa      ranxa,
PERF arrive chaos  and PERF-3'SG cry.out

kæt            e-sa      xenta       vivisa
resulting.that PERF-3'SG CAUS-become PL-place 

sehes        ja  hahak-oto
be.dangerous DAT PL-path-water

æ    ik     antan i      siserra      
GNOM exist a.lot  GEN    NOM-be.beautiful

ni     antan i   sisehes          va   sivera
COM    a.lot GEN NOM-be.dangerous LOC  chaos
tha   ter   kanar    u-ha     sik aset       sivera
INST  this  be.alone IMPF-1SG can understand chaos


INAPOSS inalienable possession
IRR irrealis mode
PERF perfective aspective
ERG ergative case
GEN genitive case
PL plural
3SG 3rd (proximate) person singular pronominal
3'SG 3rd (obviative) person singular pronominal
CAUS causative voice
DAT dative case
GNOM gnomic aspect
COM comitative case
NOM nominalizer
LOC locative case
INST instrumental case
IMPF imperfective aspect
1SG 1st person singular pronominal
: separator of two part of a portmanteau morpheme
. separator of two English words needed to gloss one Skerre word

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© Irina Rempt, Doug Ball 2001