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David Peterson

kanasa Sij sAsol ?AnUlin ?AzopsilejksatuT!

d&vIn&Z Zu bzihejgZat ?AweSIluT ?AkebIx&ZuT matsali; trAnajako Doj dojIm, lIdoj TigZejzisatafijejTat dijx.

ZUlo l&nts Tejl gAwodZ Zi dezIn dZala?ano, TUlo Sijejfat ?Etsekrefagalo.

hElf, zopsilejksat maZil--Zi bZigZejpsat zoDadiTad Zoj ralagi! Zoj matsali Zi ketIp.

Speak of the disorder of the first book!

Weapons are the bones of the sea of disorder; they cause it to stop and move not.

When the mage dips into this sea, disorder starts to move.

O, beautiful disorder! The never-ending trivia you contain: You are the world.

kanas.a  Sij         sAsol ?         
vi.imp   prp-"about" on    #.cardinal suffix


d&vIn.&Z Zu    bzihejgZat ?A.weSIl.uT ?A.kebIx.&Z.uT
un.p     "yes" vn    cc.nn.p

matsal.i trA.najak.o Doj  doj.Im     3ppn 3sn.acc 

lI.doj     TigZejzisat.a.fijejTat   dijx
"that".3sn vn.verb-tie(junction).vn neg

ZUlo   l&nts Tejl  gAwodZ Zi    dezIn
"when" prp   this  on     "the" nn        

TUlo   Sijejfat ?Etse.kre.fagal.o
"then" vn

hElf zo.psilejksat maZil Zi    bZigZejpsat zo.DadiTad
voc        na    "the" vn

Zoj  ralag.i

Zoj  matsal.i Zi    ketIp
2spn     "the" nn


Just about everything here is X-SAMPA, but I'm going to make sure there are no ambiguities:

[D] = voiced, interdental fricative, [T] the voiceless version
[&] = low, front unrounded vowel (the "a" in English "cat")
[A] = low, back unrounded vowel; [a] = short, schwa-like sound
[?] = glottal stop
[j] = palatal glide
[x] = voiceless, velar fricative
[dZ], [ts], [bZ], [gZ], [ks], [ps], [bz] are all treated as single consonants (important)

Morphology and background information


s singular
p plural
1/2/3 first, second, third person
pr present
ir irrealis /-o/
im imperative
nn natural noun
na natural adjective
vn verbal noun
un utility noun
on object noun
va verbal adjective
vt verb transitive
vi verb intransitive
tr transitive marker
in intransitive marker
neg negative
cc construct case
prp preposition
pp postposition
pn pronoun
n neuter
# number
inc inceptive
dis dispersive
opp opposite

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© Irina Rempt, David Peterson 2001