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Roger Mills

anjurani e tarañahan

ri anju cosa-cosa, praçaka e tarañahani yalesa tenguriñ roçeli —
praçakani runduwi roçelan pefa, ta yale amingas, ta yayukamir —
i traleleñ e kakrañoniyi yarumek karandarak raka i roçelan, kralendup ikrayungat.
a pañ tarañahan trahaniyu! a pañ amirik! a pañ apurik re yayukayi ri cinimim!
napo-napo tayu mikayi mivirap.

A Tale of Chaos

In ancient times, the power of Chaos was the framework of the seas-- His power made the seas flow freely, without hindrance, without freezing-- And the evil-doing of the Tempter caused a great turmoil in the seas, all stirred up they roiled and seethed. O what soulless chaos! O what beauty! O what a living mystery in our midst! This is all we know for certain.

añ-cura-ni       e   tar-añahan
noml.-vb-3s/poss def neg-noun

ri  anju           cosa-cosa pra-çaka e   tar-añahan-i
LOC noun(unm.acc.) vb/adj    HON-noun def neg-noun-gen. 

ya-ale-sa  tenguriñ roçe-l-i
3s-vb-past noun     noun-pl-gen

pra-çaka-ni      ruñ-ruwi roçe-la-n   pefa ta   ya-ale  
HON-noun-3s/poss CAUS-vb  noun-pl-acc adj. neg. 3s-vb   

añ-vingas ta   ya-yuk-amir
noml.-vb  neg. 3s-INCH-vb.

i     traleleñ e   kañ-krañoni-i ya-rumek kar-añ-narak 
conj. noun     def AGT-vb-gen    3s-vb    PEJ-noml-vb 

raka (r)i roçe-la-n    kra-lendup i-kra-yungat
adj. LOC  noun-pl-acc. PEJ-vb     3pl-PEJ-vb.

a     pañ   tar-añahan tra-haniyu   a     pañ   añ-virik
intj. intj. neg-noun   neg-noun/adj intj. intj. noml.vb  

a     pañ   añ-furik re    ya-yu-kayi ri  cini-mim
intj. intj. noml-vb  conj. 3s-INCH-vb LOC noun(unm.acc)-1pl/poss.

napo-napo tayu mi-kaya mi-virap
advbl.    dem. lpl-vb  lpl.-vb.


a vocative, Oh..., Ah...
ale to be
amir frozen; Inchoative yuk- to freeze (intransitive)
anju time, period (neuter)
çaka power (neuter)
cini middle, midst
cosa to go
cura tell a story
e definite article (in every case here, personifier)
furik hidden
kaya to know
kayi alive: Inchoative yukayi coming to life
kra- ~kar- Pejorative prefix
krañoni pejorative -ñoni try, test: hence, to tempt
lendup stir up
napo-napo free form of -po only, just: it is all/only....
narak loud
pañ interjection, what...!, how...!
pefa free, loose
pra- ~ par- honorific prefix used in texts of this sort; needn't be translated
raka great, big
re relative marker
ri general locative; with accusative: in (> i before an r-initial word)
roçe sea, ocean (n. animate)
rumek to cause
ruwi to flow
tar- ~tra- negating prefix
tarañahan: tar-nominalizer-ahan create: here literally "uncreation" Chaos, The Void, the time before creation began
tayu this
tenguriñ lit., framework, skeleton
tra-haniyu un-soul, almost a synonym of tarañahan
tra-leleñ literally "un-ethically good", used as a noun here
vingas obstruct, hinder
virap to be certain
virik beautiful
yungat intensive of yukat, turn over


The grammar is pretty straightforward, SVO, modifiers and genitives follow their noun. Perhaps the only oddity is in the title: noun-ni noun is equivalent to noun noun-genitive. Tense is established by the marked verb in the first clause; unmarked thereafter.

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© Irina Rempt, Roger Mills 2001