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Elliott Lash

Un seivè tiouvo Gaseñ

Oue bouzeo amsez vaed s'kaz eo gouondañ Diou an trouimed mo ewek as huis douir, roudañ v'ho eo laewent-nouañ lounchach as neoneistè.
Seot, gouestañ Kaseñ. As fasichtañ en atiev prohoñ as jouañtañ v'ho as rezañ eo dhoent in ewek tañkried-dhorvis. Rezañ v'ho eo dhoes an genioeth.
Oue'n Nghaseñ eos poeseth s'eos chlieoveth. As kez kouonoñ-ameoj an naoudoui mo'n neoseshed louda. Seshouoñ-ameoj eo nevezoñ un esev-mañ loed.

A story about "Chaos"

A long time ago, when God began to create rivers and all water, he wanted them to flow freely and unimpeded.
But "Chaos" came. And he screamed in a loud voice and he yelled and he made the rivers a place of temptation. He caused evil to exist.
There is in "Chaos" such misery and such beauty. And so we begin to realize the great mystery. We know that we understand this thing only.

un seivè tiou-VO Gaseñ
oue bouzeo amsez vaed /ES/ kaz eo gouon-DAñ diou an trouim-ED mo ewek as huis douir
rou-DAñ v'ho eo laew-ENT=nouañ loung-ACH as NEO-neist-è
seot goues-DAñ kaseñ
as fasich-DAñ en atiev prohoñ as jouañt-DAñ v'ho as rezañ eo dho-ENT in ewek tañkri-ED=dhorvis
rezañ v'ho eo dho-ES an genio-ETH
oue /EN/ nghaseñ eos poes-ETH /AS/ eos chlieo-VETH
as kez kouon-Oñ=ameoj an naoud-OUI mo /AN/ NEO-sesh-ED louda
sesh-OUOñ=ameoj eo nevez-Oñ un esev=mañ loed

Notes on the morphemic analysis

Morphemes are in capitals connected to the base with a dash. Compound words are indicated with an equal sign. Those words which are contracted in the text are indicated here in full between slashes.

A more detailed analysis can be found on the supplemental page.


Verbal stems are followed by =

ameoj we
amsez time
atiev voice
awok ~ ewek (plural) river
boes sad, depressed
bouzeo long
bued to be ~ meo is (copulative) ~ kaz was subordinate) ~ do- (subjunctive stem).
diou god
dorvis place
douir water
esev thing
fasich= to scream
genio bad, evil (adjective)
glaew= to flow
goues= to come
huis all
jouañt= to yell
kaseñ nothing, chaos
klieo beautiful
kouon= to begin
loed only
louda grand
loung free
naoud= to realize
neist= to stop
nevez= to understand
nouañ they
ouvid to do, make ~ rezañ he did, made
prohoñ loud
rou= to want
seivè story
sesh= to know
tañkri= to tempt
trouim= to create
v'ho he (only after vowels, the only place it occurs here)
vaed when

Some phonology


ei [e]
ou [u] (in some diphthongs: [w])
u [y]
è [E]
e [E] or [@]
ouo [uvo]
eo [2]
a [A]
ae [ae]
nasalized preceding vowels


w [B]
v [v]
j [Z]
ch [X]
ngh [N-voice]
r [R] (uvular r)
sh [S]

Final -t, -d, -n and -z are not pronounced except before a vowel or before a pause.

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