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Irina Rempt

Nabelsinin vestei gylsinan laynay!
Nabelsinin idaneni gorsin sein musti da tysayt so na carayt fere. Orie tay idaneni jat jarat, nabelsin docaresayt. Nabelsin cunii! Tine tagrayenin natyseni zul; tine arli.

Recite the book of the first chaos!
The bones of the ocean of chaos are fighting things, so that they stop and do not move. When a mage dips into this sea, the chaos starts to move. Beautiful chaos! Thou art full of little bits of knowledge; thou art the world.

na.bel.sinin          vesteni     gyl.sinan         laynay

NEG.order.thing-gen-c first-gen-p write.thing-acc-c speak-IMP-2s

na.bel.sinin    idaneni   gorsin     sein        musti 

NEG.order-gen-c sea-gen-c bone-nom-c thing-nom-p fight-nom-p

da          tysayt      so  na  carayt      fere

in order... stop-PRS-3p and NEG move-PRS-3p

orie       tay  idaneni   jat  jarat        

mage-nom-s when sea-abl-c this scoop-PRS-3s 

na.bel.sin            do.caresat

NEG.order.thing-nom-c AUG.move-INC-PRS-3s

na.bel.sien           cunii

NEG.order.thing-voc-c beautiful-nom-p

tine   ta.grayenin         na.tysene      zul

2s-sbj DIM.knowledge-gen-c NEG.end-inst-p full-nom-s

tine arli.

2s-S reality-nom-c


nominal attributes

NEG negation
AUG augmentative
DIM diminutive


sbj subject (for pronouns)
nom nominative
gen genitive
abl ablative
acc accusative
ins instrumental
voc vocative

verbal attributes

IMP imperative
PRS present
INC inceptive


s singular
p plural
c collective

Grammar notes

Any nominal can be either a noun or an adjective. There's no copula. Collectives often have abstract meaning, and usually take plural verbs and adjectives.

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