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Jesse S. Bangs

Ekeka na fyeléksu

Híloli nesoksi saq psoñku-kwe myoliqyelémpi hyeqi khwá na pana ti hyéli nuqaqi saq nwaqi myólisapsisi sokhwéñki.
Ekeka ñwóliphya qinwóla huñkwóla, nunwo topsu ñku soksi-ñki ñku ñulehyésisa.
Ekeka na éksa sehwóñka saq tyúka moksá. Lépa psañwa ksu hiphyómi ekeka ñokhwiñkwóla pasyéla.

A Story of Chaos

Iloli was making rivers and all water, and at the beginning of time he wanted them to flow unbounded and free.
Chaos came, screamed, shouted, and he made the river into a bad place.
In chaos there is great beauty and sadness. Only through this have we been able to understand chaos.

h-  Íloli ne-soksi saq psoñku-kwe myo-li-qyelémp-i
ERG-Íloli PL-soksi saq psoñku-ALL DUR-PA-qyelémp-ANIM

hyeqi khwá na pana ti hyéli nu- qaq-i    saq nwaq-i
hyeqi khwá na pana ti hyéli NEG-qaq-ANIM saq nwaq-ANIM

myó-li-sapsis-i    sokhwéñk-i.
DUR-PA-sapsis-ANIM sokhwéñk-ANIM.

ekeka ñwó-li-phy-a   qinwól-a   huñkwól-a
ekeka PNC-PA-phy-INT qinwól-INT huñkwól-INT

nunw-o    topsu ñku soksi-ñki ñku ñu-le-hyés-is-  a.
nunw-INAN topsu ñku soksi-DEF ñku QQ-PA-hyés-NONA-INT.

ekeka na éks-a   sehwóñka saq tyúka moksá.
ekeka na éks-INT sehwóñka saq tyúka (irr).

Lép-a   psañwa ksu hiphyómi ekeka
Lép-INT psañwa ksu hiphyómi ekeka

ño-khwi-ñkwól-a   pasyél-a.
PR-PERF-ñkwól-INT pasyél-INT.

Grammar notes


ERG ergative case
PL plural
ALL "all." Not a neat linguistic abbreviation, but it's an affix so I figured I'd include it here.
DUR durative aspect
PA past tense
ANIM animate gender
INAN inanimate gender
NEG negative adjective prefix
PNC punctiliar aspect
INT intangible gender
DEF definite article
QQ A totally random abbreviation for "punctiliar antipassive."
NONA non-animate absolutive argument marker
PERF perfective tense


Verbs and adjectives are given in their reference forms, which include default genders (not the same genders, for some reason).

ekeka chaos, disorder (int)
éks-a great, large
fyeléksu story (inan)
hiphyómi 1pl ergative pronoun (irregular)
huñkwól-i to yell, to shout, to call out
hyéli 3sg animate ergative (irregular)
hyeqi conjunction indicating that the conjoined clauses occur at the same time. More or less equivalent to "while."
hyés-i to cause to be. This verbs takes three arguments using the word ñku. The English sentence John makes (=causes to be) Mary a bad girl would be rendered John(erg) Mary(abs) bad girl + ñku makes.
Íloli a creator-god
khwá time (int)
ksu with, by, through (instrumental posposition)
lép-a only
moksá 3pl non-animate present of "to be" (irregular)
na of, in, at (postposition)
nunw-a evil, corrupt
nwaq-a untied, free
ñku(1) antipassive marker
ñku(2) postposition used with the verb hyési
ñkwól-i to be able to
pana beginning (int)
pasyél-i to understand
phy-e to come
psañwa this (intangible)
psoñku water (inan)
qaq-a bound, ended, limited
qinwól-i to caw (as a bird), to cry out in pain, to scream
qyelémp-i to create
saq and
sapsis-i to want
sehwóñka beauty (int)
sokhwéñk-i to flow
soksu river (anim)
ti at, when, in (refers to times, postposition)
topsu place (inan)
tyúka sadness (int)

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