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Adam Walker

Vrraaji shikhpfiijhaa nezh rvaazhlÿtom jhûn ghovd,ii.
Zhaavn shikhpfiijhaa nezh shkeekaa knegom zhendzii; kiipan shikhpfiijhaa verzhnükhmæv, fchaagh zhenzbii khiitikzbii zheg llîluuwazbii khagh zhegh. Shtîg zdrrungkhtdhaatge cholnts vøølgrîn ngaadhaanghaach ghuub shikhpfiijhaayaav vêzhnüüghdzii. Hok! Shikhpfiijhaa haadhnâ bhu ziikaashkhorkh tlaabhaa zhoogh tsichaarûngav b'ezhdaadh zhenngav.

Speak about the Book of First Chaos.
Weapons are the skeleton of the Sea of Chaos; they cause it -- as if it would freeze and flow not. When from this roiling froth the priest obtains (or: when into this roiling froth the priest gives), confusion occurs. O! Beautiful chaos, the living arcana you contain is True Reality.

vrraa-ji shikhpfiijhaa nezh rvaazhlÿt-om jhûn ghovd,ii.

zhaav-n shikhpfiijhaa nezh shkeekaa kneg-om zhendzii  kiipa-n

shikhpfiijhaa verzhnükh-mæv fchaagh zhen-zbii khiitik-zbii zheg

llîluuwa-zbii khagh zhegh

shtîg zdrrungkht-dhaat-ge cholnts vøølgrîn ngaadhaang-haach ghuub

shikhpfiijhaa-yaav vêzhnüügh-dzii

hok  shikhpfiijhaa haadhnâ bhu ziikaashkhorkh tlaabhaa zhoogh

tsichaarû-ngav b'ezhdaadh zhen-ngav


vrraa number one
shikhpfiijhaa (n.) incredible disorder
nezh (prep.) of (ceremonial usage or inalienable possession)
rvaazhlÿt (n.) paper
jhûn (adv.) about, concerning, regarding
ghov (v.) to say
zhaav (n.) weapon
shkeekaa (n.) sea
kneg (n.) bone
zhen (v.) to be
kiipa (pron.) 3rd inanimate
verzhnükh (v.) to cause
fchaagh (rel. pron.) so that
khiitik (v.) to freeze
zheg (conj.) and (used to join clauses)
llîluuwa (v.) to flow
khagh negative particle, no or not
shtîg (rel. pron.) when
zdrrungkht (v.) to froth in a boiling or roiling manner
cholnts locative particle
vøølgrîn (n.) priest of Hisshaaslaapf, demon of weakness; sorceror
ngaadhaang (v.) to give, to take
ghuub (rel. pron.) then
vêzhnüügh (v.) to happen
hok (intj.) O!
haadhnâ (adj.) beautiful
bhu (rel. pron.) which
ziikaashkhorkh (n.) arcana
tlaabhaa (adj.) living, not dead
zhoogh (pron.) 2nd divine
tsichaarû (v.) to contain
b'ezhdaadh (n.) true Reality, the really Real


-ji ordinal formant
-om collective plural, usually induces a semantic shift
-d,ii present imperative
-n plural
-mæv 3rd person neuter present
-zbii irrealis
-dhaat nominalizer for object possessing quality x (that which is)
-ge demonstrative this/that (may also have a topic related function)
-haach 3rd person masculine present
-yaav nominalizer, the thing resulting from x (that which comes from)
-dzii 3rd person existential or habitual (person is unmarked)
-ngav 2nd person neuter present

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