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Matthew Kehrt

Pelan Nelazis

Ithadham pelanis
íaiis étòr í érilí nánd
í écuáth álé.
Í isnend adhis, ínelaz sail éaiis etín
í éril ázoris ath nánd elú.
Ithnelaz íelend adhailis í íázor adhailis ál.
Iladh òlairis íar énelaz yú.

The Story of Chaos

In the beginning of the story
The Universe made water and rivers
And light must have been.
And at the time of this, chaos screamingly entered the universe
And the river was made to be dangerous.
In chaos, great beauty and great danger was.
By this alone I know chaos.

story chaos.GEN

IN.beginning story.GEN

í.aiis        é.tòr     í   é.ril.í      nánd
NOM.universe  ACC.water and ACC.river.PL make(PAST)  

í   é.cuáth   ál.é.
and ACC.light be(PAST).IMP

í   is.nend, í.nelaz   sail           é.aiis       etín
and TMP.making 3P.GEN  NOM.chaos screaming(ADV) ACC.universe enter(PAST)

í   é.ril     á    ath nánd       elú
and ACC.river danger.GEN 3P  make(PAST) be(INF)

ith.nelaz í.elend    adhailis       í  í.ázor     ál
IN.chaos greatness.GEN and NOM.danger greatness.GEN be(PAST)

il.adh  ò       í.ar   é.nelaz   yú
INST.3P loneliness.GEN NOM.1P ACC.chaos know

Note on the interlinear

Periods separate morphemes. Parentheses indicate various inflections noted by a change in the internal word structure.


1P first person pronoun
3P third person pronoun
ACC accusative
ADV adverbial
GEN genitive
IMP imperative, not necessarily only second person
IN locative
INF infinitive
INST instrumental, indicates object used to perform an action
NOM nominative
PAST simple past tense
PL plural
TMP temporal prefix "at the time of"

Grammatical notes

First, Eviendàdhail verbs do not indicate the person of the subject of the sentence. Secondly, a pronoun acting as the subject of the sentence or next to a nominative noun, but not nominative itself, should be translated as 'this' or 'that' (demonstrative). Finally, imperative verbs whose subjects are obviously not second person can be translated as 'x must be' or 'let x happen'.

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