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Josh Roth

ogaluk mentelenyekel cik

mentelenyek yevi klaf vasockot yeli tell vrese seq mormogvak mormontak vi seqk.
melecket eglicketev.
vi ogaluk vasofkot yevi klall vi mentelenyek teck leqik qomyakol mormo teq vilti klaq qagrrafkot, elli humnapcopllok sefk sockufkotov mrusackot.
tumna ogalunyok teck humnagla egli vi zalaglarock.
nere leqik ogalunyokol tanjom.

Crude speech

Utterances came to the world from the beginning of time, from oceans and lakes.
They were very wonderful.
But crude things came to the world and forced speech's true meaning underwater, so it fled from those it feared.
The crude ones' horror and wonderfulness give confusion.
Only I understand actual crudeness.

Some grammar


Adjectives and nouns occurring in the text are all defined as nouns, since the two classes are interchangeable. Verbs are those ending in -fy. Postpositions are marked PP, conjunctions are marked CON.

e goodness
elli CON so, therefore, consequently, thus
-gli/gla augmentative
humna fear
i nominative postposition
kla PP to
leqi actual, real, true thing
melefy very, a lot
mentelefy speak, talk, say, tell
mormo body of water, of any size
mormogva ocean, large body of water
mormonta lake, more medium sized body of water
mrusafy flee
nere only one
-nye/nyo [refers to an instance of a verb occurring, similar to -tion and similar endings in English]
ogalu mud, crude thing/one
-pcefy/pcofy have or experience
-plle/pllo noun ending, used to indicate direct object of a verb, but as an independent noun, like -ed in English (e.g. "the banished"). Can also indicate other sorts of objects, if specified.
qagrrafy push
qomya meaning
-refy/rofy give
so PP because of
se PP from
tanjofy understand
te shows possession
tumna CON even (or more generally, that there's something special or noteworthy about what's to follow)
vasofy come
vi (1) CON and, but; (2) PP in
vilti inside
vrese beginning
yeli time (in a very general sense)
yevi world
zala confusion

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