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Linguistic references

This small collection of linguistic references - more or less what you'd get if my bookshelves would fall on your head - shows a decided structuralist bias - you won't find any references to generative, functional or parametric works on this page. The south-east Asian bias will also be apparent... In places the formatting is a bit off, but I don't think that it will detract from its usefulness.

Comments are emphasized, presented with a bullet and indented... And mind, all comments are highly subjective, unsubstantiated and in some cases written years after I've read the work in question. With the exception of Swadesh, everybody on this list should be regared as a bona-fide scholar, a competent linguist and a careful researcher. Besides, these comments are aimed at someone seeking books to aid in developing a constructed language, and not at a professional linguist.

Table of Contents

General linguistics

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Particular languages

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Writing systems

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