High Priestess Tala lua Veroi, of the Temple of Qunayir

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Over the course of the years I've amassed descriptions and sketches of some of the people who actually live, work and die in Andal. Some will get longer notes, others complete Aurea character sheets. They have all in common that they are either historical figures, or flourish around the reign of Emperor Rordal Twuindal Sedom'Chevir.

The list with the supporting cast is ready, but the descriptions of the more important people not yet. You can however, by clicking on the links below, see what they look like.


Most of these people have been presented as non-player characters in the games I've run in Andal. I'd like to mention the players who have given life the others:

  • The Temple of Qunayir (1847)
    • Murxao Soysha, acolyte of Qunayir, Irina
  • The Case of the Emperor's Necklace (1845)
    • Yadei (swallow), acrobat, Irina
    • Trendal Adanqar Jitsaghan, actor from the North, Frank Rieter
    • Yamat Trendalghan, son of Yadei and Trendal, Richard van Rijswijk
  • The Case of the Mysterious Monastry (1846)
    • Yadei, Trendal and Yamat again.
    • Dhatilla, ex-sing-song girl now wife to Trendal and Yadei, Martijn Spruit
  • The Succession in Chandor. (1830)
    • Sisi Nechiza Shiw, young lady-in waiting, Irina
    • Herilir Vehi Lasit, noble debutante, Martijn Spruit
    • Chare Kediri lua Dahin, noble lady, Frank Rieter
    • Sidani Shibarusia Lyan, noble lady-at-court, Richard van Rijswijk
  • The Case of the Poisoned Clerk (1846)
    • Pariyal Temdem Sor, court official, Irina
    • Denyal Yaswe tan Yawaizi, a 39 year old ex-soldier, Frank Rieter
    • Nimww Lua Peroi, a 28-year old officer, Martijn Spruit
    • Yardal Hanumirzi, an officer, Mel Lamberts


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