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The Nine Cities of Charya

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The Nine Cities of Charya

In the first few hundred years since the great exodus, the Charyan empire quickly expanded along the mountain range of the Xiy'Kahara. In a quick succession seven cities were founded. Then, in the fertile plain north of the Xiy'Kahara, the advancing Charyan armies were checked by the Barushlani.

Only after several decades were the Barushlani subjugated and could the Barushlan plain be occupied. The conquered people were immediately enslaved, a cause for many bitter songs.

The eight city, Troi was founded to oversee this plain.

Still later, to defend the Troian plain against Dushatlan barbarians who frequently crossed the border river, the Wangla, the ninth city, Peroi, was founded, on the northern bank of the river.

Not being terribly imaginitive, the practical Charyans simply numbered their cities. Every city was governed by a farah. It wasn't long before every farah kept a court as if he were a small king, and before long, the Nine Cities where known as the Nine Capitals of Charya.

Of course, every city is supposed to have a special, unique character, the inhabitants are supposed to show traits peculiar to that city and so on. Prejudices are rife.

Broi or Baroi
The seat of the emperor, the largest city in the world. Broi was the first Charyan city on the Northern continent, and it is still the most important. Once the eastern capital of Chandoír eclipsed its glory, but since the great famine a century ago, the emperor again resides in the palace on Temple Mountain.

Veroi or Vroi
Still governed by a representative from the emperor in Broi, Veroi once was an important trade city. All caravans going to the north and the west passed through Veroi, in the times when war was raging on the eastern plains.

This was once the most important military center of the Charyan empire. Safe from enemies in the north and the east, this was the place the regiments were trained for their duties. Through Kroi pass the caravans to Vustla, Charya's most important ally. The favourite concubine of emperor Rordal is the beautiful Vustlan princess Chazalla.

Always aloof, always on the brink of war with the emperor, Droi is governed by a guild of mages. Whether the mages can really work magic is a point of heated debate, and most people are rather incredulous. But it is a fact that the Council of Droi is always meddling in the imperial affairs. They seems to are very friendly with the Matraians, and that does little to endear them to the emperor who is alway waging war on that eastern country. The city is built around a huge table-mountain, with the mages living on top and the ordinary people around the base of the mountain.

Loroi is know for its doctors and medicins. The mountains around Loroi are famed for their beauty and the springs that arise there are said to be very healthy. Once, this was a favourite summer resort for the emperor, but Loroi has been independent for more than two centuries. The proud citizens of Loroi have embellished their city with many monuments, and since the city stands protected from almost all warfare, almost all the ancient buildings still stand.

Siroi or Sroi
Siroi is a privileged city, in the sense that it does not have to pay taxes. All the emperor demands from Siroi is hospitality for his troops who oversee the eastern plain where the food is being produced that feeds his million subjects in Broi. This plain is not really governed. On the eastern borders the emperor maintains an ill-paid army which frequently marches west-wards to Broi. On the plain there are no representatives of the emperor and banditism is endemic. But twice a year the Northern Army from Siroi marches out and gathers the taxes from the farmers on the plain.

Nroi is the basis of the Northern army. From here the western subjects of the emperor are taxed. The province of Nroi (which lies south of the city, see the map) is one of the wine-growing regions of Charya. Nroi is of course famous for its wine, which however isn't as good as the wine from the independend western kindoms (not on the map).

This is the capital of the northern plain, where tens of thousands of slaves work on the imperial grain and rice-fields. While the eastern plain feeds the city population of Broi, the northern plain feeds the Emperor's armies.

Only fifty years after Peroi was founded, the city was sacked and subsequently occupied by the Dushatlan barbarians. Since then, Peroi has been in Charyan hands five or six times, but never for longer than a decade or two.