Andal - Physical Geography

Physical Geography

A map of Andal Map of the Northern Hemisphere

Andal is sharply divided into two separate hemispheres, divided by a small sea-channel exactly at the equator. There are two large landmasses, one on each hemisphere.

The southern hemisphere also has several chains of islands, some of them of a volcanic origin, but others are coral reefs. There are some small islands linking the southern continent with the northern continent, but the northern hemisphere is rather deficient in islands. Two larger islands lie to the east of the continent, and there is a fourth, smaller landmass at the pole.

The southern hemisphere is relatively unknown to the inhabitants of the north, even though the Charyan people claim to have descended from emigrants from the south. A very few traders travel to the port city of Nenyra. Even less southern people travel to the north, a place they seem to regard as uncivilized and hostile.

Other northern peoples, like the Matraians, have long held the convinction that there lies an impenetrable barrier of intense heat and adverse sea-currents between the north and the south.

The Northern Continent

In Denden, the lingua franca of the north, the Northern continent is called Chariazi, or 'Great Charya'. It is a kidney-shaped landmass. The western part is characterized by high mountains surrounding a desert mountain plateau. The mountains drop sharply to the rolling hills of the east, which give way to large plains in the eastern river deltas. In these plains some smaller mountain ranges provide natural barriers and water divisions.

The Southern Continent

The northern part of the southern continent, Nyrazi, or 'Great South', in Denden, is a fertile plain, surrounded by various mountain ranges in the east and south. The west of this plain borders on the ocean.

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