Andal - Peoples and Places

Peoples and Places

The world of Andal is inhabited by many peoples, of all races. There are the tall, golden-skinned Charyans, whose culture has dominated the northern hemisphere for centuries, the equally tall, but nut-brown desert-dwelling Vustlani, the refined but rather short Dhamars, the olive-skinned Matrai, whose culture was already ancient thousands years ago. And there are countless other peoples.

In each and every country many of those peoples live together. In the great city of Broi every nationality can be found. The racial and national boundaries of Andal are just as confused as those of earth, and often for the same reason: conquest and loss. Broi, the capital city of Andal, is my personal focus in the description of Andal.

In this chapter those peoples, the geography of their countries and their culture are described. Apart from the most important peoples who will have a whole chapter of themselves, there are countless other nations, peoples and tribes, who will be mentioned whenever it seems appropriate.

As a side-remark: it is important to realize that the number of Andal languages means that there is a considerable variation in ethnonyms. Autonymia and exonymia will seldom overlap even in the most superficial manner, of course. Orthography is very variable, too. So, the nation of the Haruldan (as they are called in Vustla), will most often name their country Charya (with the possible pronunciation of [xar.ya:]), but the spelling Charia is also encountered, and point to [xa:.ri:.ya] as the most likely pronunciation.

Peoples of Andal

map of Andal
  • Charya or Charia
  • Barushla
  • Matrai
  • DhamarsÁķ
  • Vustla
  • …vernadal

    Index of subjects

    If you would like to find bits about food and drink, religion, or any other general subject, this chapter gives an overview of subjects.

    People of Andal

    I've prepared a small index of people on Andal

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