Andal - Music


Variations in musical styles are as numerous as variations in language, in culture or in food. The most basic building blocks of music, the notes themselves, and their relations form a large part of the difference between, for instance Charyans music and Vustlan music.

Vustlan music uses a pentatonic scale, a scale that is fairly common to the whole of Andal. (As indeed, it is throughout our own world.) The ancient empire of Matrai (or Matirai, as it sometimes spelled), employed a more elaborate scale with eight notes, rather akin to the western octave, tuned to something approaching meantone.

The most curious muscial 'octave' however, must be the Charyan. The Charyan scale employs nine tones, more or less equidistant to each other. I have written an introduction to the Charyan octave.

For those who rather listen to the music than read about it, I have rendered a few short pieces in midi - just remember to retune your synthesizer according to the introduction, or, if you use a Roland sound Canvas compatible synth, retune it with this sysex file, which was produced with SCPro.

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