A text written on an altar scroll

A text written on an altar scroll

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The languages of Andal

There are several language families present on the northern continent of Andal. The most important is the Charyan language family, which comprises Archaic Charyan, Classical Charyan, Southern, Northern, and Eastern Colloquial, Denden and Vustlan. Denden is a lingua franca which is spoken over the entire continent.

The next most important language family is the Matraian language family, of which only two branches, the Eastern and the Western survive, with the Western branch eking out a precarious survival in the Matraian ghetto of Broi.

Other families, like the Baruslani, Dusatlan and Dhamar families are much smaller, but still large enough to have left written evidence. And then there are hundreds, if not thousands of unclassified languages spoken by unclassified ethnicities throughout the continent.

There is much territorial overlap between all these languages and the total linguistic situation is as complicated as the Indian situation is in our own world.

Language distribution in
     northern Andal