Andal - Introduction


Andal is a world, and while that world is certainly located on a planet, I haven't occupied myself much with the astronomical details1. Let's just assume that there's a normal gravity and so on. The world may well be as large as Earth. The northern hemisphere has less landmass than the southern hemisphere, but it is the north these pages describe in most detail.

The world is occupied by a large number of peoples, but all are human. There is a lot of variation between different races, but there are no non-human intelligent species, always excepting the numerous god, deities and divine spirits. I tend to focus on one people, the Charyan people, whose culture has dominated the north of Andal for the past sixteen centuries.

There is a lot of unearthly fauna and flora, too, but the difference between the fauna of Andal and the fauna of Europe isn't greater than the difference between the fauna of Europe and the fauna of the America's. For one thing, fairly large airborne reptiles do exist, as does an assortment of herbivores rather larger than elephants. Several trees and plants have unique attributes: the wood from the gingtan tree for instance, will always be warm to the touch, even centuries after it has been transformed into floorboards1.

The focus in this description is on the nation Charya and its people. And, inevitable when designing any world, attention has not been divided evenly even here; the nations capital, Broi gets most of the attention. That's not to say that the other nations don't deserve just as much attention, it's just that to describe everything in equal detail wouldn't leave much room for really fine detail, and besides, it's just plain impossible.


1 That's to say, when I started with Andal, about fifteen years ago, I did think a lot about planets, suns and all that. For now, forget it though.

2 I haven't got a clue as to how this can work. Radioactive wood? But nobody seems to die from the effects of living in a house with a gingtan floor, not to mention the harmful effect a gingtan olisbos would have if the warmth were caused by radiation. Anyway, this world is for believable wonder, not for scientific verification.

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