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The Exodus to the North

One of the most important Andalian historical events is the great exodus of the Charyan people, from the southern continent to the northern continent. In a space of six hundred years a numerous people migrated from their homeland to a wild and unknown destination.

Even now, more than a thousand years after the last waves of immigrants arrived at the port of Broi, the exodus, zitaroh in Denden, is still fresh in the memory of the Charyan people. And of the other peoples, who where suddenly confronted with the war-like and conquering 'golden people' from the south.

It started slowly, as such movements generally do, with the settlement of a small group of Charyans from the northern provinces, on the southern coast of Charyazi, as the northern continent would late become to be called. They founded the colony city of Broi, and for a hundred years this was one of the favourite places for emperors to banish unruly nobles to.

Exactly why larger numbers of people started to cross the narrow equatorial sea-channel dividing Nyriazi from Nahazi, as the northern continent was known at that time, is not known, but over the centuries the Southern Charyan empire lost province after province, and more and more people were sent to the north. When the emperor moved his court to Broi, a new era was begun, the first year since the zitaroh.

Ever since, the south has been a terra incognita, a paradise people long for, the place of dreams and an inexhaustible subject for stories and poems.

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