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Timeline of the history of the Charyan Empire

The Zitaroh

The ruling class of Charya, the Haruldan or Golden People was forced, probably by economic problems and uprisings from the dependent peoples, to migrate to the North, where there was already an ethnic Charyan stronghold, the city of Broi. The exodus went in phases, was sometimes as hectic as the exodus of the Kuo Min Tang adherents to Taiwan in 1949, sometimes as gradual as the immigration of Turkish labourers into the Netherlands. Once the Emperor had left his captital city of Nyria for Broi, the process was deemed to be comlete, although even during the reign of emperor Rordal there were still people who migrated from the old South to Broi.

The other peoples who lived in the south, whether related to the Charyans, like the Cshin Fn, or totally unrelated, like the Kye-phu, remained where they were, and began for themselves.

Only the most important emperors and events are noted. If an emperor is not styled -ghan, he's probably not the son of the previous emperor. If research uncovers new important events, they will be added to the timeline.

-10Nechzi Tebin (Scented Storm)
0Zitaroh, the great Exodus: removal of the Emperor to Broi.
12Aldal Lazaz Dubadan (Forger of the Empire)
15Chulan Lazaz Dubadanghan (Son of the Forger of the Empire). Foundation of Veroi
21Foundation of Kroi
27Death of Chuilan tan Lazaz Dubadan.
28Anadal Garhadan (World Mage)
30Foundation of Droi.
54Succesful conquest of the left half of the Eastern Plain.
61Jardal Anadalghan, (Jardal Son of Anadal Gargadan).
121Great Earthquake. Hyndal Klondan Boyu (Hyndal Builder of Cities).
122-124Rebuilding of the Imperial Palace.
123Foundation of Nroi.
125Foundation of Loroi.
130Foundation of Siroi and Troi.
137Foundation of Peroi.
140Hyndal Klondan Boya dies in battle against Barushla on the Peroian plains. Grendal Tekiferadan (Grendal Careful).
200Gunama Waghdazyal (Tiger butcher).
200Gunama Waghdazyal embarks on conquests in the East.
267A traitor kills Gunama Waghdazyal.
269Quanyal Xedom Kulin (Quanyal Road of Hope), who later was called Hanri, the Weak.
333Quanyal Xedom Kulin dies in the battle of Broi. Caderav Zimin, Dragon of Fortune saves the city.
333-336Caderav Zimin leads campaign in the East
400Dood Caderav Zimin dies in battle.
400Rorayal Pariyem (Friend of Peace) succeeds.
512Hamal Bacun Chay (Mighty Weasel) ascends the throne, and is dethroned by his brother, Kairi Derni (Three Four).
520-552Nothern campain
552Foundation of Veloi.
557Building of the northern road.
600Indahyl lua Erlo, ascends the throne. The old Southern noble families succeed in taking over power for the next four hundred years.
600-1000Conquest of Matrai by emperors of the Erlo and Nyria families,
1000Adan Purgat Lyantara, the Glorious Divinity, ascends the throne and founds a new dynasty on the Matraian example.
1012Foundation of the new capital city Chandoir in Matrai.
1020The new Imperial Palace is finished.
1054Digging of the East-West Canal
1063Yinadan Yinlazi, The Divine Teacher, son of Adan Purgat Lyantara..
1100Academy of Broi is founded.
1125Yinadan Yinlazi is murdered. Adan Harya Harl (Golden Obedience).
1153Insurrections in Matrai.
1182Adan Harya Harl, later called the Parsimonious dies. His wife Empress Yadirprinttray reigns for two months.
1183Adanqar Harulon Shale (Adanqar Temple of Wisdom) ascends the throne and marries the Matraian princesses.
1223Yinadan Adanqarghan (Yinadan son of Adanqar).
1246 Adan Yinadanghan Yir Chair (Adan Son of Yinadan, Joy in Truth) ascends the throne
1283Jatisa Adanghan Afaradan Yunilai (Jatisa Son of Adan, Ruler for a Thousand Years ascends the throne.
1297Adan Jatisaghan Murzi, Adan, son of Jatisa, Great Leader ascends the throne
1335Adanqar Adanghan Poim Yunxik, (Adanqar son of Adan, Servant of the People).
1376Adan Adanqarghan Zirtin Char (Adan son of Adanqar, Golden Eye)
1480Rorayal Bar Poim (Rorayal Peace of the People) dethrones Zirtin Char and founds a new dynasty.
1502Aldal She Tara (Aldal Sweet Abundance)
1543Rorayal Abarusha Galaw (Lion of the Mountains).
1600Rorayal Abarusha Galaw dies in the Great Famine.
1601 Three Hundred Years of Three Hundred Kingdoms period. Farah Kaririom Lyantara crowns Ylin, the sixty-seventh emperor, who dies during his flight to Broi. Bar Sui (Costly Peace) succeeds him, but is killed by the captain of the Imperial Guard, who is crowned in Broi as Gunama Zizi, Great Lion, but becomes known as the Eater of Men. He is killed by Tuirdoal'tuoy, who dies in the attempt, and is crowned posthumously as the Seventy-ninth Emperor of Charya, under the reigning title of Rayadan Gaharadan, or Saviour of the Nation.
1601-1617Chealab Lyanya (Pride)
1614-1617Chealabghan Lyanya Ilorowal (Continued Pride)
1621-1638Hamal Tiras Chay (Mighty Hand)
1638-1689The sixteen quarreling emperor of Borcheyn.
1689-1691Twuindal Pal Beirai (Emperor Hundred), the hundreth emperor, died in 1702 in Peroi, in banishment
1691-1732The three quarreling emperors: Adan Yaswe Yir (well of joy), Adanghan Lauye Chay (fountain of might), and Adanghan Vridan (Second Son)
1732-1812Twuindal Palodel Broi (Protector of Broi).
1812-1818Lujis Lyantara (Glorious) and his son Lujisghan Palodel Sache (Protector of Wisdom).
1818Yamal Cazhex Harul (Golden Dragon)
1818-1826Tryndal oib Sroi
1826-1828Hamat Radir Burgat (Divine Mercy)
1829-1844Continuous attempts at the throne. Sixteen unimportant emperors
1842-1844Adanqar Timtim Wikar (Courageous Heart)
1844-Rordal Twuindoal Sedom Chewir

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