Emperor Rordal

Emperor Rordal Twuindal Sedom'chewir

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  • 15-05-1999 - Creation

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The History of Andal

Andal can safely be assumed to be of the same general age as Earth; after all the four billion years when the human race didn't exist are not very important. The infinite wisdom of the creating Gods of Andal provided for the emergence of the first humans between 100.000 and 40.000 years ago. A mere 14.000 years ago the bountiful Gods of Fire and Water, Yignis and Sheshal improved the lot of humanity by teaching them agriculture.

Within another 6000 years Pantumatar, the divine Teacher, devised the first script, thus enabling his pupils to record their history, which they have done assiduously ever since, restarting their counting repeatedly. The present year is known as the 1846th year since the zitaroh, when the southern Charyan empire ceased to exist. It is the third year of the reign of emperor Rordal Twuindal, whose reigning title is Sedom'chewir, or Mighty Hope.

Rordal Twuindal Sedom'chewir is heir to but a fraction of the great Charyan empire. Other parts have declared their independence in the last few hundred years, and he has to share his title of Emperor of Charya with Ran of Évernadal, Chewri Nechzi of Veroi and others. Of the Nine cities of Charya only Broi and Troi, the first and the eight, are governed by Rordal Twuindal.

Formerly subjugated peoples, such as the Matraians, have risen to a heady indepence and are trying to recapture their ancient glory and might. And everywhere in the countryside small noblemen and descendents of former officials have declared themselves independent, greatly depleting the tax-base of the empire.